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A event band based in Vienna. The concept behind our band is to present well known and loved covers with a modern twist. Our Jazz / pop crossover style is the perfect mixture of background lounge music and up-tempo dance rhythms which can be tailored to your event.

Each of us in this group has more than ten years of professional experience in the music industry and has studied at Universities of Music across Europe. We bring this level of professional musicianship to every event we play at, but our talents aren’t only limited to how we play, but also to how we perform and entertain an audience.

We are available both as a fully amped-up party band and as an acoustic set-up, so we can be compact and perform with minimal amounts of space and amplification depending on the venue and the needs of the client. We also like to leave it up to the client to decide on the line-up of the band. You can decide how big or small you want the sound to be.

The band line-up is: Lead vocals, keys/guitar, double bass, drums and saxophone. However, as stated above, we are able to increase the size of the band upon the client’s preference. We will tailor each performance to the client’s requirements. For a bigger party setting, we can provide an extra guitar/keys player and additional horn players to make a more dynamic sound and stage presence. We have a diverse repertoire to draw from and can change our set-lists to suit different moods.

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