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deep house, electro house & trance

born & place of living: November 1981, Austria

He showcased his talent behind the turntable in 1993, as a 12-year-old boy. He had a positive approach to music and technology at an early age. He started as a DJ at private venues of a rather slow character, however, he gained even more experience which he started to use at the public performances in 2004, when he started in Italy (Marotta) and Switzerland as a resident dj at prestigious summer and winter events. There he realized the direction he wants to go and what makes his life complete in all respects.

He’s the type of DJ that prefers an action – dance style, also known as vocal and progressive house. In 2007 he came with his own two-hour dance session at Radio Sity called “Rande v Cirkuse Barok“ (”Date at Circus Baroque”). During the show which aired more than a year, he began to interconnect his experiences with the production of the dance sector.

He introduced his music mixing skills in Maldives in 2011 and the project ”Soundtonic” in collaboration with DJ MyGee figured out one year later. The year 2014 was full of self-improvement on the production and musical projects. Year 2015 broughts Switzerland Music Tour in Mürren and Saas Fee almost 6 months contract and one year later was Emily & Justice Music Tour project in clubs of Czech and Slovak republic. This period showed him new opportunities for cooperation with DJs and producers at home and abroad. Currently he’s continuously working on new musical projects, international music tours and live gigs round the world. End of the year 2017 has started his live performance again in Switzerland, City Lenk.

In 2018 starts slowly co-operation with artist Ray Paeron in new world music projects as Cube tv and Fashion TV & Bar Wien. This same project is every tuesdays on Radio Viva in radio show broadcasting from 8PM on frequencies 93,3, 94,1 and 101,1 as for domestic audience / listeners and as live stream too, where you can listen my 1 hour guest mix as SoundTonic.

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